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♥ Thank You ♥

We appreciate you spending time with us at Juice,

The hotel was made with a lot of love and support,

We will continue to improve each and every day ♥

Juice Hotel

Founded 21.08.2021 by DanRTX

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The time has come!  We are looking for a very unique individual to bring on board and join the Staff Team here at Juice.

You will start as a Hotel Moderator and will be on a probation period otherwise known as a "Trial Moderator" till we feel you are fully trained and ready for the promotion to Moderator!

Our Staff Team is made up of an amazing group of people who moderate all aspects of Juice on a daily basis as well as contribute to the hotel, keeping it a fun and friendly environment. We provide lots of competitions and events to our users!

As a staff member, you'll be apart of the effort and support that goes into all of these and much more.

In addition to being a loyal player, we're looking for knowledgeable, caring, creative, and outgoing people to help with creating events, moderating and bettering Juice in the best way they can.

Punishing rulebreakers and offenders

Building rooms

Assisting players with enquiries

Bringing in new users and carrying out requests by superior Juice Staff Members

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Best of luck!
- Hotel Management